Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons offers a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery, from wisdom teeth removal and dental implant placement to corrective jaw surgery and the treatment of oral pathologies.


Our commitment

Our team of highly skilled oral surgeons are devoted to providing every patient with exceptional care and compassion. We strive to create a friendly, welcoming environment where patients can feel safe and at ease as they receive exemplary treatment from specialists they can trust.

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Dr. Cooper, Dr. Teeples, Dr. Toponce, and Dr. Reddinger provide the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery services to patients of all ages.

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Hear from our patients

After jaw surgery, Courtney no longer has trouble breathing at night and her jaw is now developing correctly. She is so thankful to Dr. Teeples and his team.


Our philosophy

We proudly serve the entire Columbia Basin and Tri-Cities region from our office in Kennewick, WA. We provide all of our patients with the individualized attention and care they deserve. Our oral surgeons and staff members share a passion for helping patients achieve the results they desire, and we will ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire treatment process.

Meet Our Team

Meet Dr. Cooper

Dr. Cooper is board-certified and went into oral surgery because he was inspired by the idea to help others through corrective jaw surgery, facial reconstruction, and traumatic injuries

Meet Dr. Teeples

Dr. Teeples is a board-certified oral surgeon who discovered his passion for oral surgery after observing facial trauma surgeries and recoveries while studying for a dental board exam.

Meet Dr. Toponce

Dr. Toponce is board-certified and became inspired to become an oral surgeon during his time in dental school, where he observed many remarkable life-changing procedures.

Meet Dr. Reddinger

Originally from Pasco, WA, Dr. Reddinger is a board-certified oral surgeon who enjoys being able to serve his community and appreciates working with other skilled doctors.

In the community

Our practice enjoys giving back to the community through excellent oral health programs like Smile Again, Wisdom for Wisdom, and more, because everyone deserves a happy, healthy smile.

Meet Barbara, our Smile Again recipient

Barbara was missing all of her teeth except 3 and she avoided going out. She received complimentary full-arch restorations, which restored her smile and confidence.

Meet Victoria, our Smile Again recipient

Victoria had damaged teeth from her childhood and felt too embarrassed to sing. After her full-arch restorations, she loves her smile and sings with confidence again.

Meet Rachel, our Smile Again recipient

Rachel was our 2018 Smile Again program recipient and received a complimentary procedure that completely restored her smile and confidence.


700 people

die each year from

an opioid overdose

in Washington state

Our team is concerned about the growing opioid crisis in our country, and in response we are proud to offer Exparel® to our patients. Exparel is an opioid-free option for long-lasting and effective pain relief post surgery, and it is on it’s way to becoming a favored pain control medication by both oral surgeons and patients.

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