Smile Again Program Recipient: Barbara

Most of Barbara's upper teeth had broken off, and she had a lack of tooth enamel that began when she was young. For the past 12–13 years, pieces of her teeth have been falling out. She went to a dentist, and he did work to try and improve her condition, but everything he did cracked, fell off, and continued making her teeth crumble away. She was missing all of her upper teeth except three, and two of the three were breaking into pieces. I don't go out too much. She spent most of her time staying at home and avoiding interacting with strangers.

As the recipient of our Smile Again program, Barbara received complimentary full-arch restorations. This restorative treatment uses dental implants and a fixed denture to permanently replace an entire row of teeth. After the placement of the implants and dentures, Barbara had brand new, custom-designed teeth that closely resembled her natural smile. In addition to restoring her smile, her full-arch restorations also helps her maintain her oral health and function.

As a result of her full-arch restoration treatment, Barbara can now live the life she always wanted. Before the condition of her mouth began severely deteriorating and she began work at the USPS, Barbara worked with lawyers as a paralegal and interacting with clients in the front office. Now that she has a new smile that she feels confident in, she can return to the work that she truly enjoyed.