Smile Again Program Recipient: Rachel

At the age of 30, Rachel only had six teeth left. She suffered from a mouth infection that caused her to lose all of her teeth and trying to save them with root canals and fillings put her body at risk for further infection. Rachel wore a top denture and a bottom partial, but her confidence was severely depleted. Her gums would become sore after eating fresh veggies or fruit, and she spent most of her time avoiding healthy food that she liked because of this.

As the recipient of our 2018 Smile Again program, Rachel received a complimentary full-arch restoration procedure. This treatment uses dental implants to secure a fixed denture to both the upper and lower arches of teeth. After the procedure, Rachel had a new, natural-looking, permanent set of teeth that greatly impacted her oral and overall health.

After her treatment, Rachel can now eat the foods that she loves to eat without worrying about making her gums sore. She can smile with confidence around her children and no longer feels embarrassed about the way her teeth look. As a homemaker, Rachel looks forward to returning to a life filled with joy, delicious foods, laughing with her children, and smiling with confidence.