Smile Again Program Recipient: Victoria

Due to an accident when she was young and her parents inability to afford to regularly take her to the dentist, Victoria has had damaged teeth since she was little. Now at 35, she has many missing and broken teeth that she cannot pay to fix because she is the sole provider for her six children. Victoria feels her teeth have held her back from pursuing her dreams. She used to love singing, but feels too self-conscious and embarrassed to do so because of the condition of her mouth. She currently has very low self-confidence and doesn’t like to smile in front of others.

As the recipient of our Smile Again program, Victoria will undergo a full-arch restoration procedure, free of charge. This treatment is designed to completely replace a patient's teeth with a custom-designed fixed denture. This denture attaches to a base of as little as four implants and provides a natural-looking and functional solution to tooth loss and damage.

After her surgery, Victoria instantly felt more confident in her smile and her oral health. Her new set of teeth allow her to eat any food she wants without worrying about how it will affect her mouth. She can smile at strangers without feeling self conscious and enjoy her ability to sing without worrying about ridicule.