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Pre-prosthetic surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery can be performed to your teeth before you receive dentures to ensure your future oral appliance fits comfortably in your mouth.

About pre-prosthetic surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery refers to any procedure that prepares a patient’s mouth for the placement of a prosthesis or denture. In the past, if the jaw bone was not the correct size or shape to support dentures, patients would have to suffer from ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures or go without teeth completely. Today, there are a variety of minor oral procedures that can prepare your mouth for a better, more comfortable denture fit.

For a full or partial denture to fit properly, the bone remaining in the jaw must be the right size and shape. Many patients who wish to have dentures or other prosthetic teeth require surgery to reshape the jaw bone for optimal fit and comfort. Pre-prosthetic procedures alter the shape or size of the jaw bone, gum tissue, or teeth surrounding the area to improve the fit of a prosthesis.

We offer a variety of different pre-prosthetic surgery procedures to prepare your mouth for the placement of dentures, including

We offer pre-prosthetic surgery consultations and procedures at our Kennewick, WA, office.

Our oral surgeons are experts in diagnosing the jaw bone and preparing the mouth for the placement of prostheses. Your surgeon will carefully examine your situation to form a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Our surgeons will be able to discuss all of your options for tooth replacement, including dentures, dental implants, and full-arch replacements. We offer a variety of different tooth replacement options, so contact our office to schedule a consultation.