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Meet Tracy

Dr. Cooper treated Tracy’s oral pathology.
I went to the dentist because I had this weird growth or swelling on the side of my face. The dentist said, "Something strange is going on. I'm going to refer you over to the oral surgeon." So, I came over; I saw Dr. Cooper. What we ended up doing—I had a tooth that had become loose right in the middle of where the swelling was, so he took the tooth out and did a biopsy underneath the tooth. I'll never forget the day: it was September 14 of 2014, about 11:30. He called me, and he said, "We got the results of the biopsy. It's breast cancer. So, I need you to know, I've already got you an appointment with a doctor, and you're going to have an appointment today at 2:00." Because of Dr. Cooper, I'm here, because the doctor told me flat out if he had not caught it, I would not be here. He's not just concerned about today—what we're going to do today and get this taken care of—he really wants to make sure that people are okay, make sure that they're healthy and that they're happy and they're taken care of.

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