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Meet Tony

Tony’s dental implants were the perfect alternative to dentures.
I don't know which ones in my mouth are my regular teeth or which ones are my dental implants. They pretty much all feel the same. As I've aged, I've required some teeth to be extracted, and I certainly didn't want to be like my father and have dentures. So, I learned that I could get implants put in, that Dr. Cooper was very good at it, so I said, "I'll give it a try." Came here, and I've been very satisfied. I was a little anxious to start off with the process, but after about six or seven of these things, which I've had done, there's nothing to it. He does a great job; I never have any problems—he prepares me for problems, but I never have any. I would recommend that everybody come to Columbia Basin Oral Surgeons near Richland, WA.

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