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Meet Scott

Dr. Toponce explained Scott’s whole process to him.
I started to have problems with one of my back teeth, and that's where I was referred over to Dr. Toponce. He took time to listen to my concerns, and then most importantly, he took time to explain to me the process and exactly what I could expect through this process. It truly makes me feel like a valued patient. It makes me feel like he cares about my medical needs, he cares about my financial needs, and he was there to assist in any way possible. It was a very good experience that I had with him. He develops a relationship with you, and he takes time to answer your questions. He takes time to answer all your concerns, and the thing that I'm most impressed with was even the financial concern—about how much it was going to cost me. And he was very up-front; I felt like he told me the absolute truth. I had a very, very good experience here. Hopefully I never have another tooth that needs to be extracted, but if I did, this would certainly be my first choice.

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