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Meet Rebekah

Rebekah's full-arch restoration journey at Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons was nothing short of amazing. From the warm welcome by the incredible staff to the punctual and reassuring care from our skilled doctor, her experience was truly special. Now, Rebekah is beaming with confidence and loving her radiant smile.
Hi, I'm Rebekah. I'm from Prosser, Washington. I had a full-arch done at Columbia Basin Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. I just remember coming here and they were super nice. They knew my name, which I think is a huge thing as a patient just to feel like you're welcome. Dr. Cooper was always punctual. He always had a plan. It was just super reassuring to know that I had a good team with me that made me feel, you know, safe and everything was smooth after that. Oh my gosh, I have real teeth now! Like I have teeth that I can smile with, teeth that I'm happy with. I'm super happy with my smile now. The biggest thing that has come out of this for me is I really feel like I've gained a lot of confidence. Knowing that you're important and knowing that you're valued is super important in the process.

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