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Meet Ken

Ken needed multiple teeth extracted and is excited to get dental implants.
Well, I started out with a different dentist, and they sent me over here to the oral surgeons here, and they wound up doing the whole job, and I'm very happy with them. I had to have six teeth remove—three of them had broken off, and there was only three left in the front, and it took three hours to extract them. It was quite an operation, but it's turned out really well. Well, he had to take and rebuild the bone on each side where it had started to deteriorate. But when it's done, it's going to be worth its weight in gold. Dr. Toponce is going to put two implants in here that will clamp on to, and when they do, then that'll hold them solid in your mouth. You don't have to worry about them flopping all over. I am really excited, and I've been back to see him twice since then, and it's always the same thing; he's just as compassionate as can be. You couldn't ask for finer people. This is a wonderful facility, and the people that run it treat you like a million dollars.

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