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Meet Dr. Mohlman

Dr. Mohlman feels like this team is an extension of his practice.
Probably the biggest reason is trust. I know that they're not going to do unnecessary treatment, that they're going to do everything possible to do the treatment at the highest level possible, make the patient happy. My patient base is everything to me; they're my livelihood, so if I don't keep them happy, then I lose that patient as well, so it's a big deal who I refer them to. They just are able to maintain that level of trust and confidence and professionalism that I try and present in my office. I feel like they're just an extension of my practice. When my patients come back, they always have positive things to say. I haven't had anybody complain. It's all been good. I know that our community benefits greatly from their willingness to give. That just says so much about the type of people that work here.

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