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Meet Dr. Kleist

All of Dr. Kleist’s patients have a positive experience here.
I refer here because I know that my patients are always going to get taken care of. They have the highest quality of care. I have never once had a patient come back who had a negative experience here. I know that my medically compromised patients are always going to be cared for with the level of personal medicine, personal dentistry, and oral surgery that's necessary. On more complicated patients, it's absolutely imperative to take a real team-based approach to dentistry. I'm able to talk with any of the docs here - Tyson, Ryan, or Todd. At any point, I can call them up, and I know that they'll get back to me in a hurry, so that if we have questions or any concerns, we're able to communicate very promptly and get things taken care of. I actually had my wisdom teeth extracted here when I was 17 or 18 years old. My entire family has come here at one point or another, for everything from wisdom teeth all the way up to orthognathic surgery. It's all about trust as a referring doctor, and when I send somebody over to this practice, I have to trust the doctors here, and I have to trust that they're going to take good care of my patients because it's my reputation on the line as well. I love this place. They always take good care of me, they always take wonderful care of my patients, and that's what matters.

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