Free Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps Two Students Save For College

We are excited to announce our two Wisdom For Wisdom 2020 recipients.

Londyn, age 18 from Kennewick, just graduated from high school with plans to attend BYU in the fall. When applying for our Wisdom For Wisdom program Londyn said, “I have recently finished high school and am so excited to continue my education in the medical field at BYU, but this education will not be free and will not be paid for by my parents. I have suffered the last year and a half from daily migraines, for which I have seen multiple healthcare providers and specialists as well as tried multiple medications and procedures to try and relieve the pain. This has been an emotional journey as well as an expensive financial undertaking for both me and my family... I would love to have the money that would be spent on my wisdom teeth removal applied to my textbook costs, it would relieve a lot of stress as I prepare to embark on my educational experience.”

Marissa, age 21 from Pasco, is currently saving money as she applies to the dental hygiene school at Columbia Basin College. In her application, Marissa said this program would be a “weight lifted off of my shoulders.”

We look forward to providing these procedures to both Londyn and Marissa soon so they can continue to pursue their educational dreams while also ensuring their smiles stay healthy for years to come.

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