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Meet Rachel

Rachel’s son needed facial trauma treatment after an accident outside.
Rachel: Do you remember what he gave you?
Austin: Yeah.
Rachel: What was it?
Austin: A balloon.
Rachel: A balloon. Austin and his brother were out playing on the deck, and they were playing monsters. There was a little confusion over whether he slipped and fell or whether he decided to be a superhero and jump. One of his upper front teeth had been shoved back up into his gum line; three of his molars had gotten significant chunks chipped off; two of his lower teeth went all the way through his lip. He had probably a one-inch gash across his chin. With Dr. Toponce, one thing I really appreciated about him was I felt like he made himself available to us one hundred percent of the time. It made me feel very confident that he absolutely wanted to take care of us and wanted the best for us.
Austin: I like Dr. Toponce.

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