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Meet Karissa

Jaw surgery helped Karissa’s breathing.
I came to Columbia Basin Oral Surgery because I was going to the orthodontist, getting braces, and he had mentioned something that my jaw was back too far, and it would stop my breathing when I would sleep. He had referred us to Dr. Cooper, and that's where we got started. When I first came in, yes, I was very, very nervous just for the whole surgery process and then having someone tell me basically what was wrong. Dr. Cooper helped ease my nerves by, first of all, walking me step by step through everything, letting me know what was coming next, what he was going to do. The procedure I had was a double jaw surgery. Yeah, it changed the way I look a lot, actually. From the side view especially, my jaw was back really far, and now I actually have a chin. Definitely boosted my confidence; I was very self-conscious even through school. I can actually sleep through the night now. I wake up in the morning feeling way more, I guess, energetic, ready to go for the day. I would definitely recommend Columbia Basin Surgery and Dr. Cooper. He has seriously changed my life. I don't know where I would be at right now if I didn't have this surgery.

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