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Meet JoAnn

Dr. Cooper was very gentle during JoAnn’s biopsy.
I was having some problems with the lining of my cheek inside, and I had to have a biopsy done, so I was referred by Dr. Higgins to see Dr. Cooper. He did the biopsy, and everything went well; he was very gentle and concerned. As time went on, I had to start getting some teeth extracted. Before you know it, the procedure is over, and within two minutes, it's all said and done. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Cooper, and I'm not nervous at all when I come in. He's there when you need him, he knows what he's doing, he explains everything that he's going to do. While he's extracting teeth, he also talks to you the whole time and tells you what's going on, and I'm very pleased with how I've been taken care of the last few years.

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