The Dental Implant Experience

Choosing dental implants to restore your smile is an investment in your oral health and happiness. Our team at Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons keeps you informed throughout every step of your treatment while helping you achieve a healthier smile with dental implants.

What To Expect

Step 1

Schedule a consultation at our office.

Step 2

Meet with an oral surgeon to discuss your treatment options and receive a custom care plan.

Step 3

If bone loss has occurred, your surgeon will place bone grafts to restore bone. Once healed, you will be ready for your implants.

Step 4

Your surgeon will place the dental implants.

Step 5

If the abutment was not uncovered during the first procedure, you will return for a second procedure to uncover it.

Step 6

Once the implants heal, your dentist will attach the final crowns or prosthesis.

Get Started Today

Our oral surgery experts specialize in implant dentistry and helping our patients achieve a smile they can feel proud of. Contact us to get started and find out how dental implants can provide you with the healthy smile you deserve.

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