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Meet Dr. Simper

Dr. Simper loves the communication of this staff.
The biggest reason I refer patients over to Columbia Basin Oral Surgeons is I get happy patients back. I’ve never had one problem with them. Their work's impeccable. We are unbelievably lucky to have this quality of surgeon right in our own backyard. I typically refer wisdom teeth, implants, biopsies, any of my oral surgery needs. All of the doctors here at Columbia Basin are just incredible. My staff, I know, are super happy dealing with them. There’s excellent lines of communication. We know exactly what’s going on the whole entire way. They keep us up-to-date, looped in the whole entire time. My patients have been super happy when they come back. I’ve never had one upset patient yet, which I think speaks volumes about the quality work they’re getting here, and the doctors. I mean if I ever needed work done, without a doubt this would be the first place I’d come. I have no doubt that I’ll continue to work with Columbia Basin Oral Surgeons for the rest of my career.

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