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Meet Dr. Larsen

These doctors take great care of Dr. Larsen’s patients.
We've been referring patients to Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center since we've opened. We've been very happy with the relationship that we've developed with Dr. Cooper and Dr. Toponce and Dr. Teeples. They take very good care of our patients, and we appreciate that. The type of cases that we refer to Columbia Basin Oral Surgery are difficult extractions, surgeries involving implant placement, or jaw surgeries. They do quite a range of procedures and are very competent at it. The responses that we get from our patients as they return . . . they've been very pleased with the care that they've been given here. I think the doctors here at Columbia Basin Oral Surgery are very approachable; they're very agreeable, cheerful doctors, a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continuing a wonderful relationship.

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