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Meet Dr. Hatch

Dr. Hatch loves working with Columbia Basin Oral Surgery.
You know, Columbia Basin Oral Surgery is fantastic to work with. They're very personable, very professional. Pretty much any time we've got a mutual patient with a referring dentist where they're going to need some sort of oral surgery, like an extraction or implant, and they request that we send them to Columbia Basin Oral Surgery, then we work on a lot of cases jointly that way. Columbia Basin—they're really user-friendly. They're very knowledgeable, very skilled at what they do as oral surgeons, and they're really friendly to work with. Communication is huge when you're dealing with any kind of interdisciplinary treatment. Being able to have open communication lines—where each office is easy to approach—and make sure that the best interest and the big picture is taken into account when you're looking at a patient's treatment needs. A lot of times with us, as well as even with Columbia Basin, our patients are on loan from a general dentist, and so we want to make sure that not only is the patient going to be happy but also the referring dentist is going to be happy, and we've had great experiences with Columbia Basin Oral Surgery.

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