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Dental Implants in Prosser, WA
Meet John

John’s dental implant healed very quickly.
My dentist in Prosser, WA said I needed a—they call it an upper sinus lift, I believe, a bone graft—in order to get some implants. I'm not sure what I expected, frankly; you know, going to the dentist is never a party, but they made it good. It was alright; I managed just fine. Well, all of the people—the staff, the doctors, all of them—they're just real good at it. They're easy with old guys like me. The recovery was very easy; the pain was . . . it wasn't a big deal at all. They make sure that any pain is taken care of with medication, and they make sure you get the antibiotics you need. If you've got decent health, it heals fast. How I ended up with Dr. Cooper I don't know, but I think he's fabulous. Chairside manner, or bedside manner, however you want to put it . . . I don't know, he just makes you comfortable. He's a nice guy; I like him. As pleasant of an experience as you can hope for under the circumstances.

Dental Implants for Residents in Prosser, WA

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